Lose On Road, Win In Columbus Crew Stadium

USA Midfielder Carli Lloyd (#10) Maneuvers Away From German Midfielder Kim Kulig (#8) In 1-1 Draw

Usually when you go through three games undefeated in tournament group play you position yourself to advance to the next level.

Well, the FIFA Under-17 Women’s World Cup in Azerbaijan wasn’t business as usual.

The U.S. women did just that. Ties against France (0-0) and North Korea (1-1) and a win over Gambia (6-0) garnered five points. The problem was, both France and North Korea posted the same record as the U.S., and both had superior goal difference over the Americans.

Not only had they not lost a game, they had allowed only one goal to be scored against them.

It was all about Gambia, the weakest team in the group, and maybe the entire tournament. North Korea had beaten Gambia 11-0 and France beat Gambia 10-2.

The U.S. U17s were eliminated. France and North Korea would advance to the championship game with Fran…
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