Chasing Mia Hamm.

It took Mia Hamm 17 years and 275 games to score 158 international goals. When she retired, many expected that record to stand forever.
Well, it is likely that record wll fall early in 2013. Abby Wambach is closing in.
The 32-year old Wambach scored a pair of goals in the USA’s 4-1 exhibition victory over China in Boca Raton, FL, to close out the 2012 season. That gave Wambach 152 international goals in 198 games.
And in the wings is Alex Morgan, a 23-year old, who in time might just pass both Wambach and Hamm. Morgan finished 2012 with 28 goals, same as Wambach. Their combined 56 goals in 32 games was the best scoring combo since Michelle Akers (39) and Carin Jennings (16) combined for 56 in 1991.
“It means so much to me because Alex and I spend so much time encouraging each other in practice, drill after drill,” said Wambch. “When Alex scores, it lights something inside me and when I score it lights something inside her.”
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