May Have Stolen As Much As $92,000

Cynthia Ann Mangrum

Cynthia Ann Mangrum, 38, was a soccer mom who volunteered in several leadership positions with the Fairview Soccer Association.

One of these positions was that of association treasurer.

Mangrum was arrested in early December and charged with stealing as much as $92,000 from the local soccer organization over a four-year period.

It was reported that she admitted to having taken the funds for her personal use after being confronted by local soccer officials at an open board meeting.

Mangrum, the mother of three children, has no prior criminal history. She was jailed at the Williamson County Criminal Justice Center and then released on $25,000 bond.

She was indicted by the Williamson County Grand Jury on Dec 5, and faced a preliminary hearing in court later in the month. She was charged with theft of over $60,000, but it is estimated that the total stolen would exceed $90,000.

“Who knows what spurs somebody into doing this,” Lt. Roy Russell, spokesman for the Fairview Police Department, told the Columbia Daily Herald .

“It’s a small community and a very tight-knit community. This is money from moms and dads. It’s just hard to put your money out there when you think it is going to benefit kids and then you find it didn’t benefit kids at all, it benefited an individual.”

Fairview SA, which is led by parent volunteers, was founded in 2000. A statement from FSA board president John Fegler read, “In the recent past, it had come to the attention of FSA in Fairview, Tennessee, that an integral member of the FSA board had acted in a manner unbecoming of a FSA board member.

“Upon the discovery of such information, the FSA board removed this individual from all affiliation with FSA, immediately began an effort to investigate the potential issues, and took actions to preserve the association.”
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