Janse Schermerhorn

Parents ask me all the time if I think their child has what it takes to play at the college or professional level. They are asking if I think their kid has enough talent.

My reply: “How much are your kids willing to suffer?” The answer to that simple question will go a long way in determining whether any athlete will reach his potential, and perhaps play at an elite level.

Sorry to burst many bubbles, but if athletes are not willing to suffer, chances are slim that they will make it. The will to suffer and endure not only separates average athletes from elite ones, but it separates talented elite athletes from their peers as well.

Now I know that genetics, deliberate training, coaching, and a whole slew of things go into the development of athletes. To place all your emphasis on any one factor is ill advised, and very narrow minded.

Some people do this with the so-called “10,000 Hour Rule” of deliberate practice, while others believe that you either have talent or you do not. I am in the business of training elite soccer players. I ha

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