Jack Huckel

Of all the buzz of activity that surrounds the NSCAA convention each year, one very important event happens outside of the view of the thousands of attendees.

It is the transition of leadership within the organization. Jack Huckel’s year as NSCAA president comes to an end at Sunday’s Board of Directors meeting, and George Perry becomes the association’s 65th president.

Those who serve as president of the NSCAA must complete a five-year tract on the Executive Committee that touches every corner of the largest soccer coaches association in the world. Each brings their own special experiences and expertise to the position.

Huckel is the former Executive Director of the National Soccer Hall of Fame and a former college coach. Perry, who was the men’s soccer coach at Monmouth College in Illinois (2006-2012), has been an active leader in the Association’s education and coaching development Academy.

In fact, Perry served as the Interim Director of the Academy (2011-2012). He has been one who has always stepped forward when there was a need within the association for someone to do a job.

When Huckel joined the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors, the national economy was struggling, and entering a recession. The economic downturn affected membership, the convention, education and sponsorships.

Huckel points to the leadership of successive presidents Randy Waldrum, Marcia McDermott, Paul Payne and Ralph Polson, and says “we collectively worked to reform the way your Association does its business as we all recognized economic realities.”

It didn’t come easy and was always a work in progress, but much was accomplished over the past five years.

“I’m very proud to tell you that through the cumulative work of staff and Board, the NSCAA created a Financial Strategic Plan and the Association is now in the best financial position in its history,” said Huckel in his final letter to the membership, which will appear in the next issue of the Soccer Journal.

“This past summer, as we pursued the Financial Strategic Plan, the NSCAA created a reserve fund that can provide not only financial security for the future, but also a new income source.”

As Perry assumes the position of NSCAA president, a major task for the coming year will be to continue building a new strategic planning process and a new strategic plan for the Association.

“We have not yet reached the financial goals in the Financial Strategic Plan, but we are well on our way,” said Huckel.

“Over the years, I have learned that there are many ways to arrive at the right soluton,” said Perry, who last summer became the Commissioner of the Indiana Soccer League.

“It is always important to hear what everyone has to say and ultimately, hopefully with the support from others, come to conclusions that will help the growth of soccer and the development of the players.”

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