By Randy Vogt
I hate to be a Grinch during this Christmas season but there’s a problem with a good minority of college and high school games, at least the ones that I have been officiating.
Earlier this year, I wrote about Preventing Lopsided Scores in which I partly took leagues and tournaments to task for grouping teams that are not competitive when they play one another. 
One of the reasons that the U.S. Soccer Development Academy has prohibited its players from competing in high school soccer is it says that too many of those games are not competitive. I am not in favor of this ban for most kids as the publicity and community support does wonders for many high school players but on the issue of how competitive some of their games are, they certainly have a point. 
I have refereed high school games in two states, briefly in Florida 25 years ago and in New York during the past decade, and have been a college official since 1986.
In New York, high school soccer is played during the fall, the same season for the college season, so it’s a very busy time for refereeing. I also officiate high school teams in a summer league as well as college teams in exhibition games before the strart of the season. 
Referees are to officiate the game the same way whether it’s 0-0 or 10-0

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