Louisiana Soccer Association (LSA), a non-profit Louisiana corporation and a US Soccer Federation State Association member for both youth and adults, is seeking an Executive Director who will be responsible for the daily executive and administrative activities required to support and expand the programs and objectives of LSA. The Executive Director may also serve as an advisor to committees of LSA as well as regional and national organizations and be expected to delegate, monitor and adjust the use of associates, volunteers and state staff as needed. The Executive Director will manage the office, help grow the organization’s membership, monitor the budget and be overall responsible for sponsorships, marketing, business and community partnerships. The Executive Director will report to the LSA President. The Executive Director will attend Board of Director meetings of LSA but is not a voting member of the Board.

Applicants should send their resume and compensation requirements before April 15, 2014 to: Sean Esker, LSA President, at president@lsa-soccer.org.

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