Woody Harrison (R ) Reggie Harrison (L) And Friends In 2010

Woody Harrison (R ) Reggie Harrison (L) And Friends In 2010

Woody Harrison and his son Reggie have traveled to the last six FIFA World Cups. He’s been to Korea/Japan, Germany, France, South Africa and is in Brazil for World Cup 2014.  The shortest World Cup trip was in 1994 when the U.S. hosted.  Games were a reasonable drive from Woody’s home in Wilson, N.C.

An attorney by profession, Woody is a soccer guy.  One of those people who helped get soccer started years ago in his hometown in Eastern North Carolina.    On June 12, he and his son boarded a flight to Brazil where they will begin their latest soccer adventure.  He is providing friends and family back home with letters about their adventures as they follow the United States World Cup team across Brazil.  We are posting those letters on a Woody’s World Cup Blog on our website.  We hope that you enjoy following Woody’s travels and share the link to our website with friends.

Preparations for the trip have already been challenging, as he has shared the experience of getting possession of the tickets ordered last year, and replacing a passport that was stolen in Spain during a family vacation.  However, all problems have been solved, Woody and Reggie are in Brazil, and the fun begins.  It promises to be soccer, beaches, soccer, Amazon rain forest, soccer, lively stadiums, and more soccer.  There will be time for side trips, but no seafari like the one taken in South Africa.

We hope you enjoy the adventures as much as Woody and Reggie will!

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