Last night the USA soccer team made history.  Finally, beating Ghana on our third try in a World Cup game.  Dempsey’s goal after 28 seconds into the game was a fantastic start and made the Brazilian TV highlights even before the game was over.

USAs Jermaine Jones

USAs Jermaine Jones

Your TV coverage will let you know before we will know here, but Jozey Altidore looked like he went down with a hamstring pull and will miss the rest of the Cup.  The Icelandic kid who replaced him (Aron Johansson) who replaced him is a good attacker, but plays a completely different kind of game.  Look for Wando to get a chance in the next game.

Reggie enjoyed the game and was glad I warned him to go way early because I had seen long lines outside other games even after game time.  Reg said there were only two entrances and everybody was searched.  The other thing was that there were lots of Americans with extra tickets and a I so well know, there was no way for anyone extra to get here to try to buy a ticket.  I finally arrived on a flight last night after the game was completed.

This place (Natal) is interesting.  They built a new airport for the Cup which opened a few days ago.  It is miles and miles out in the countryside.  The taxi took an hour to the hotel going 85 most of the way until we got inside the town.  The town is a sprawling slum, except the area where we are staying at Punta Negra Beach.

For taxies you had to go in an office and pay $50 and get a receipt to give the driver.  Luckily I made an extra effort to change some money in Rio before I left.  Time to go watch Brazil and Mexico!

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